Saturday, March 25, 2006


In response to this MSNBC article.

Apparently, tens of thousands of demonstrators protested moves to impose stricter U.S. immigration laws in California on Saturday.

“This bill is wrong because this is a country for everybody who wants to live a better life and this is a free world,” said protester Lionel Vanegas, who owns an accouting firm.

In response to this seemingly generous comment....
Why don't we just become one with Mexico? It would be great, we could give them full military protection, managed healthcare, new roads, better police, better schools. They could give us, Oh I don't know, dirty water and enchiritos. Sounds like a mutually beneficial relationship to me.

Since when is America for EVERYBODY? Like all nations, there is a membrane which separates us from them. When this membrane becomes infinitly porous, it ceases to hold its purpose of maintaining some sort of distinct separation.

Now I am not against immigration at all. I think Mexican-Americans do more for this country than many are willing to admit. I welcome immigrants who patiently prove their worthiness of acceptance by abiding by our immigration laws. Why should these honest potential immigrants be thwarted by the dishonest ones? Why should we reward those who circumvent our laws.

I am not against immigration, I am against illegal immigration!
Why shouldn't we regulate who comes into our country. Wouldn't that benefit all Americans? Even Mexican-Americans?

Two hundred years ago this country was created by immigrants. But after twenty decades, the bottle is almost full. We need to monitor the influx of new citizens to both protect our national security as well as our limited resources. Otherwise, America would be in pretty much the same shape as Mexico is today. Overcrowded, corrupt, and incapable of providing a quality standard of living to its rightful citizens.

So, if you want to increase the ease of immigration in America, then protest for larger quotas or quicker customs processing. But please, whatever you do, don't support illegal activity. That is not how this country functions.

Protest the law, not its enforcement.


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