Friday, March 03, 2006

Remember that Google article I linked to...

Everyone loves Google! Why not, they offer convenient services without complex sideeffects! Their search engine is great and gmail is unbeatable. Googlemaps kicks ass, as does Picasa! It just doesn't stop....Or does it?

While google feels it has no reason not to expand at the rate it has been, I beg to differ. When a company feels that it is swimming in investor's cash, it has an obligation not to blow that wad. When the shit hits the fan, and believe me, it always does, a corporation will be forced to constrict. Google has had too much money for too long. It has spread its hands across too many operations which are not yet themselves very profitable.

While I do have high hopes for a properly functional Google Video site, an eventual one-stop-hub for all things AJAX, and perhaps even an all inclusive hub for e-commerce rivaling ebay....I just wish that they would stop feeding their employees 3 high class meals a day on the shareholders dime.

You have a lot of money, but not yet that much. Google needs to let the dust settle a little before finding themselves in a situation in which investor confidence is FICKLE because it has failed in some of the far reaching ventures.

By the way, what ever happened to the University of Michigan (and Harvard and Yale) electronic library catalogue?


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