Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Who passes up $750 million?!?!?!

The FACEbook has lost its MIND!

In response to this articile and this article.
“If you’re gonna be a good businessman, really what it’s about, is finding situations where people win. It’s not about tricking people into doing stuff, it’s not about being a hardass. It’s about being comfortable and working in your pajamas, because that’s gonna end up being what’s best for everyone.” - Mark E. Zuckerberg

Great quote buddy...You know what else is best for everyone??? Having a payceck for nearly 3/4 of a BILLION dollars. In a world where everyone wants what you have, why wouldn't you cash out while you are on top? The internet market is volatile. One year its hot then the next its not. Friendster passes up their $30 million offer and then you come in with Facebook and steal their marketshare. Who is to say that couldn't happen to you? Why would it be impossible for the big dogs to nudge their way into your realm? NOTHING! If you learn anything on this path to the top, let it be that that the mountain is still steep! One fuck up and you fall off the side and the next guy reaches the summit. Do yourself a favor and take the money. Then be a business-man and start something new while in your pajamas!


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