Saturday, April 01, 2006

You can thank Affirmative Action....

In this recent Newsweek article an African American doctor explains how she must explain to people that she is a fully qualified doctor regardless of her skin color. I recognize that some people are not used to black doctors and might not immediatly understand that this women is actually the doctor and not a nurse or assistant. There are other people, however, that realize she is the doctor yet feel uncomfortable having her as their doctor. This is a terrible thing for African American's who recieve the same training as white doctors but don't get the proper credit, respect, or trust that they deserve...

Why is this so? Sometimes, it is racism, plain and simple. Preferring a white doctor to a fully qualified black doctor for no reason other than their skin color is racist. Sometimes, however, it is not racism. Sometimes, the reason one is prone to mistrust their black doctor rests in the fact that they are simply uncertain about their qualifications.

After all, in an age where Affirmative Action is prevalent, how are people supposed to distinguish between the black doctors who earned their way to professionalism with hard work and competitive grades and those doctors who walked through a back door somewhere along the way. I recognize that if you are a doctor, then you have the same training and in order to get through all of the rigrous obstacles to becomming a doctor then you must be pretty competant. There, are levels competency however.

Being black under a system with affirmative action inherently means that you are not easily differentiated between those who got the grades and those who had the bar raised for them.

It is a disservice to all of those hardworking competent and competitive African Americans to be unrightfully suspected of imcompetency. But, this can be blamed on the system of Affirmative Action more than on blatant racism.

To make a long story short if you had to choose a doctor at random from two groups: one where all of the people were fully qualified or from another group in which an undisclosed number of them not earn their position through the proper channels....well which group would you want your doctor from?

This isn't your real estate agent we are talking about, this is the person in charge of your health.


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