Thursday, April 27, 2006

Your WebTop

Ask any tech guru what the next frontier is and they will spit back the words "your web-top".

Right now and in the next few months you will be witnessing a multitude of new webtop applications going live. Google thinks that they have this industry in the bag and that the future launch of googles edition of writely will blow your hair back. (if you don't know, this is an AJAX collaborative document web app). Michael Robertson thinks that his next profitable net-venture will include his own brand of free MS Word and Excel emulating AJAX applications. One of the most promising prospects is a new company called thinkfree which unlike Robertson, offers a nice unified and pleasing design.

Each of these companies is putting in lots of time and effort to provide the consumer the most functional, pleasing, and easy to integrate FREE webtop services. In the end, only ONE WILL WIN. Consumers are too used to using Microsoft Office products and are too dependent upon a system which they trust. This brings me to my next point....

While there are countless companies trying to emulate MS office, NONE of them offer the full functionality of actual Microsoft Office products. Microsoft, one of the largest computer software corporations in the world is working hard to out-do their primitive competition. With more money, patents, they will need to get their game on and show the world what they can offer. The only problem is that they are too damn big and slow. They are GM of software. They lack a flexibility of lets just say google, another big money competitor. Will Microsoft be able to market Vista while introducing webtop software designed to compete with it? In fact, I say YES. After almost a decade of bullshitting consumers with XP, Microsoft will get theirselves together enough to gain significant marketshare in the web 2.0 revolution.

***Added on 5/14/06 is the fact that Mark Cuban is placing his webtop bets on by loading them up with over a million chips.


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