Sunday, June 25, 2006

Told ya so.

Its always good to qualify your ideas with those of respected peers. has echoed my sentiments towards Mark Zuckerberg and his non-empire.
This was on the "10 Who Don't Matter" List
Mark Zuckerberg
Founder, Facebook
In entrepreneurship, timing is everything. So we'll give Zuckerberg credit for launching his online social directory for college students just as the social-networking craze was getting underway. He also built it right, quickly making Facebook one of the most popular social-networking sites on the Net. But there's also something to be said for knowing when to take the money and run. Last spring, Facebook reportedly turned down a $750 million buyout offer, holding out instead for as much as $2 billion. Bad move. After selling itself to Rupert Murdoch's Fox for $580 million last year, MySpace is now the Web's second most popular website. Facebook is growing too - but given that MySpace has quickly grown into the industry's 80-million-user gorilla, it's hard to imagine who would pay billions for an also-ran.

Now listen, Myspace and Facebook capture a different market. Where myspace is for people looking to broadcast their unique page with cluttered nonsense and raunchy photos, Facebook is for sorostitutes looking to prove how many friends they have by creating "hot groups". Now, I personally enjoy facebook for its simplicity and its use as a digital rolodex for my old college buddies. I still think that it will inevitably be phased out just like friendster. Its not that difficult to transfer to a new site, especially if all your Greek hommies are doing it. Just wait until the next web 2.0 social networking site with ease and simplicity of google projects. Wait a minute...


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