Monday, July 17, 2006

Its easy to destroy, its a lot harder to create.

interesting quote I found on Youtube...
LOL you are proud that oil exists under your ground?? Thats quite an achievement for your people, they drill oil out of the ground and give it to the west for money. And that is like your only source of income, PATHETIC. The golden age of Islam was full of peace and learning, that age is long over. Islam is now fascist and anti-learning.-azelmano

That seems about right. If you disagree I encourage you to disprove this point with action. Help flush the backwards fools from the Islamic community and create an environment which values education and peace. Only then will you be able to not feel so guilty about living like a westerner with American consumerism. Only when you actually earn the right do to so by contributing something worthwhile, something other than terrorists whose only strength is their ability to blow themselves up. If you dont like the west then go invent your own shit. Stop riding in cars and using firearms. Go create something on your own.

Its easy to blow shit up, its a lot harder to build it.


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