Sunday, August 27, 2006

dont mock me

In my perpetual quest to brainstorm the next web 2.0 hit during my free time, I came across this satricle site. webtwopointoh. If you have any understanding of the current wave of internet technologies, you will get a kick out if this page.
Who knows, maybe you will accidentally arrive at the next best thing!

In the meantime, check out these sites:

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I would have been wrong!

If you thought that YouTube was doomed because of its lack of anti-copyright enforcement, then you were probably wrong. If you thought that Netflix couldn't last because soon we would be downloaded all our films anyway, then you were probably wrong. ...

Five years ago if you came up with the idea to offer a hub where users could share any and all short video clips, you would have been laughed at, (by me at least). I would have said to forget all of your web 2.0 features. Forget your tags and commentary. Forget your subscriptions and user rating system. None of that matter since you can not possibly last long if your entire business model rests on an intentional inability to properly police the site for copy-right infringements. The only way for YouTube to get off the ground was to be cutting edge, and to be cutting edge meant to continually break and bend the rules. Unlike competitors such as atom films or even collegehumor, You Tube had (and continues to have) a substantial amount of illegal content. Even when they remove a file, it somehow has a funny way of sneaking back into the system under a new name by a new user. Well today I recognize that if I actually had those initial gut feelings, I would have been wrong. It doesn't matter that they rose to the top with slightly shady means, the fact is that they are at the top. No matter what happens, they have a good shot at long term success simply because they are now a household name. Whether they actually obtain that success has nothing to do with my initial criticism. Actually I don't think that they will survive long term. I think that they will be overshadowed by larger corporations such as Sony, Google, and AOL. These companies have other outlets besides video and can afford to take a hit in this market in order to boost other markets. Why would they have to take such a hit when this model seems profitable? Well simply because there will be a day in the near future when a shitty ass flash video just wont cut it. Yea there will be a desire for small and stupid videos, but los res will soon be history. I mean even my tiny digicam can snap 640 X 480 video. Thats better than my SDTV can show you!

This brings us to my second piece of faulty logic. Five years ago if you would have told me about an idea to implement a national subscription service which shipped a constant supply of DVD movies for rent I would have laughed out loud. How could you possibly survive the shipping costs alone? And even if you did somehow get it off the ground, how could you possibly survive long term with the uprise of VOD (Video on Demand) services? Again, If I had that logic then I would have been wrong. Today Netflix is extremely profitable and their long term business model is evolving to actually incorporate a set top VOD rental service. They recognized a window of opportunity as they say. They realized that they had 5-8 years to get the business working at which time they would have enough success to switch gears and become a consumer trusted competitor in perhaps the largest home-entertainment market around, VOD. Netflix too is in a position for long term success. I, however, don't think it will work. The reason that Netflix has been so great is that they have had a lean and mean system of warehousing and supply management. The only company that could even think about rivaling them was Amazon, another company with a large number of DVD warehouses and the ability to ship them out quickly. Well, where is Amazon's video rental service today? Non-existant. In a world of purely digital distribution, there is no need for such warehousing. In the world of 5 years from now, I think it is doubtful that Netflix can out supply the big dogs. How can they compete with Apple, Google, AOL in digital content distribution? Its possible, yet doubtful....

Monday, August 14, 2006

Real Mature.....jk

How does an immature person prove their utter digust of dispicable actions?
Of course, by reciprocating those same actions.

How does an antisemetic immature person prove their utter disgut of dispicable actions?
Of course, by reciprocating those same actions TOWARDS JEWS for no other reason that that they are Jews!

Of course that would be the logical response of the immature party. The Iranian response to the Danish newspapers was to hold a Holocaust cartoon exhibit. What sense does that make? After being offended by the Christian Danish they must there doubly offend the Jews who had nothing to do with those cartoons???

The anti-semitism and rhetoric is so transparent that is almost funny.
Silly, stupid, immature Dee Dee Dees!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

“help me to help you to help everyone.”

The increasingly anti-American tone heard through out the Arab world is not a reaction to U.S. or Israeli military mistakes. It is not a reaction to their inability to grant an immediate solution to the crisis. Rather, military mistakes and civilian casualties have been exploited by the media thereby enabling the Arab world to reveal their anti-American tones. Their minds are not being changed by the current events, rather they feel that the increasing civilian bloodshed grants them the right to reveal their inner hatreds for the U.S. The world is being suckered to think that current U.S. and Israeli policy is losing Arab support and gaining Arab resentment. This is not the case, they are simply more loudly vocal with these stagnant viewpoints. It does not matter that Hezbollah shields themselves with innocent Lebanese, for Hezbollah couldn’t possibly be the aggressor. In their hate filled and ignorant minds the only possible cause for the bloodshed is the U.S. and Israel. This is all the more reason that we must ignore their criticism, for it is not rational. When dealing with irrational, hateful zealots you can not take their opinions seriously. They are incapable of recognizing that it is better for them to have the Lebanese army in control rather than a terrorist militia. They should be thankful that Israel is cleaning up their mess, a mess which they allowed to grow and a mess which does no good for the Lebanese people. The Arab world is twisting this conflict to pretend that Hezbollah provides Lebanon with a force to resist the (non-existent) U.S. / Israeli imperialism. They say that Hezbollah are the defenders from the countries that the Arab street already hates to the maximum degree. It is not proper to pretend that the Arab street has any capacity to change their mind. They are simply incapable of recognizing that America’s intentions are two fold: one to protect the American people at home and abroad, and two to democratize the Arab world in hopes that it will bring economic growth and peaceful prosperity.

There are several problems with this thinking.
One, the Arab world will not change their minds about American unless they have a reason to do so, that being a better quality of life on an individual basis and an understanding that there actually is a better quality of life with help from American help. This is a catch 22 since America is incapable of helping them with out facing combatance from a people who won’t be able to recognize that they are helping them until after the battle. An analogy to this would be a crying baby being immunized after birth. This baby has no capacity to appreciate the painful medicine which the doctor is giving him. Only later, once the baby grows up into a person can it appreciate that it has survived in a world with immunity from terrible diseases.
Two, the Arab world in its present state has very little if not any capacity for a democracy with out hate. When you give the Palestinians a democracy they democratically elect Hamas, a terrorist organization, to the throne. This substantiates their unwavering hate. Additionally, when you Iraq a democratic leadership, they are quick to incite all Arabs against the “embassies which have supported the current assault on Lebanon”. This shows that they are trying to bite the hand which feeds them. They are incapable of thankfully accepting our dire sacrifices in our efforts to improve their way of life.
Overall, there is a saying that goes. “help me to help you to help us.” The Arab world that we live with today is virtually incapable to negotiating on their own free will for the betterment of all sides. They are a hateful and violent breed who has no desire nor capacity to accept help from the west. Some say that we should not offer help to those who are unwilling to accept it. These people are ignorant to the fact that the number one threat to world stability stems from their un-cooperation. The hatred that brews among the Arab populations does not have limitations within their borders. They have taken it upon themselves to not only grow and harbor international terrorists but also to popularly support their violent actions throughout the world.

Lebanon was a like a Hollywood set.

Its great that Lebanon was able to build tall buildings and pretend that they were living in a modern society with much hope for growth and prosperity. The truth is, that no matter how pretty to buildings or how peaceful and innocent the people, the real Lebanon was far from what it looked like. The truth is that due to economic and political weakness, the citizens of Lebabon allowed a cancer to grow among them. They allowed facsist Islamic militia to overpower their own national army. While citizens are crying over their losses in life and in infrastructure, they do not claim responsibility for their part. For years and years investments both foreign and domestic poured into Lebabon in hopes of profiteering in real estate and other markets. This money help Lebanon to erect a "Hollywood-like set" that mimics a real city. All the while, they ignored their obligation to invest in governmental soveriegnty and military strength. They allowed their society to brew a horrible disease that could very well come to haunt them. Guess did. Now that this cancer has seaped across the permeable membrane that is Lebanon's southern border to Israel there have be far reaching consequences on both sides. While Lebanon is weak and has little resolve for defeating their terrorist militias, Israel is quite the opposite (because their mere existence depends on it).

It would be smart for the Lebanese people to admit their failure and make the point that Hezbollah is not a part of their nation. It would be smart for them to ask to appeal to the world to help Israel clean up their own mess. Rather than take responsibility for allowing a militia to launch rockets into Israel, Lebanon insists that it will use its own weakened army to fight Israels if it becomes necessary. Of course such a skirmish would last less than an afternoon (unless the national army reverts to the dishonorable tactics of terrorist militias) for Israel to fully dismantle the Lebanese army. Why don't they speak out against Hezbollah?

Perhaps, they have lost so much control that they literally fear for their safety and can not protest Hezbollah in any form without risking personal safety. This is a likely scenario for a good portion of the Lebanese people, especially the large population of Lebanese Christians. What about the Lebanese that go out of their way to praise Hezbollah and Sheike Nasrallah? Why do they support the people that have brought the Israeli aggression to them with unprovoked attacks? The answer can be one of two choices. Number one, the people are too ignorant to recognize or admit the true political nature of their dillema. Number two, is that the people are so clouded by hatred of Jews and Israel that nothing will change their mind. They hate the Jews more than they value themselves. This is why they would prefer to see Hezbollah and its allies rise against Israel even if it means severe personal losses and political instability. My heart would like to think that the latter reason is the correct one. I wish that the people are in a strangle hold for words and can not freely speak their minds. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even in free countries such as England or even America there a pro-Hezbollah rallies. Clearly these protestors are not fearful of their safety. You tell me why this is so. Why are there pro-terrorist rallies? Do people see Hezbollah as a legitimate non-terror organization, or do they hate so much that they legitimize their evil methods.

Overall, I hope that the Islamic and Arab world can learn from their mistakes. I hope they can take resonsibility for their failures. I hope that Lebanon, Iran and Syrian can live in peace with Israel as do Egypt and Jordan. I hope that the people all over the world can give up their hatreds and renounce terror. Until that day comes, the only way to fight the backwards ideology that is islamic facism, is with force. No ceasefires and no prisoner swaps will appease their irrational hatred. Only overwhelming force coupled with overwhelming global condemnation will do the trick. Sadly, the world has neglected its responsiblities as well. Sadly, the only true solution is more death and more global terror. Only if the world really feels the burn will they ever properly condemn and punish those who harbor terror.

Why does Iran want nuclear power?

How could one of the worlds largest oil exporters feel such a desperate need for nuclear fuel? Its like Alaska trying to build the worlds best snow making machine.

I don't think it takes a genius to infer that they want nuclear power for weapons to further their pursuit of world power. Perhaps to eventually "wipe Israel from the map".

Fortunately, the extremist-Arab societies are too stupid to pull off such a gag. They will inevitably falter in their own wrecklessness. Not only will Ahmadinejad's cocky rhetoric fail, but the Arab world will continue to live in poverty. Why will this be the case? Simply, because they would rather invest in destroying others than in improving themselves. Why did Islam sink from its golden age into the badly diseased perdominantly counterproductive religion that it is today? Simply, because good Muslims choose not to combat the bad ones.

Moderate Arab nations know that Iran is out of control, but even them are too pussy to do anything about it. Until they speak louder, the whole world will give any opponent of the Jews the benefit of the doubt, even if they are Muslim fascist terrorists / regimes.