Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lebanon was a like a Hollywood set.

Its great that Lebanon was able to build tall buildings and pretend that they were living in a modern society with much hope for growth and prosperity. The truth is, that no matter how pretty to buildings or how peaceful and innocent the people, the real Lebanon was far from what it looked like. The truth is that due to economic and political weakness, the citizens of Lebabon allowed a cancer to grow among them. They allowed facsist Islamic militia to overpower their own national army. While citizens are crying over their losses in life and in infrastructure, they do not claim responsibility for their part. For years and years investments both foreign and domestic poured into Lebabon in hopes of profiteering in real estate and other markets. This money help Lebanon to erect a "Hollywood-like set" that mimics a real city. All the while, they ignored their obligation to invest in governmental soveriegnty and military strength. They allowed their society to brew a horrible disease that could very well come to haunt them. Guess did. Now that this cancer has seaped across the permeable membrane that is Lebanon's southern border to Israel there have be far reaching consequences on both sides. While Lebanon is weak and has little resolve for defeating their terrorist militias, Israel is quite the opposite (because their mere existence depends on it).

It would be smart for the Lebanese people to admit their failure and make the point that Hezbollah is not a part of their nation. It would be smart for them to ask to appeal to the world to help Israel clean up their own mess. Rather than take responsibility for allowing a militia to launch rockets into Israel, Lebanon insists that it will use its own weakened army to fight Israels if it becomes necessary. Of course such a skirmish would last less than an afternoon (unless the national army reverts to the dishonorable tactics of terrorist militias) for Israel to fully dismantle the Lebanese army. Why don't they speak out against Hezbollah?

Perhaps, they have lost so much control that they literally fear for their safety and can not protest Hezbollah in any form without risking personal safety. This is a likely scenario for a good portion of the Lebanese people, especially the large population of Lebanese Christians. What about the Lebanese that go out of their way to praise Hezbollah and Sheike Nasrallah? Why do they support the people that have brought the Israeli aggression to them with unprovoked attacks? The answer can be one of two choices. Number one, the people are too ignorant to recognize or admit the true political nature of their dillema. Number two, is that the people are so clouded by hatred of Jews and Israel that nothing will change their mind. They hate the Jews more than they value themselves. This is why they would prefer to see Hezbollah and its allies rise against Israel even if it means severe personal losses and political instability. My heart would like to think that the latter reason is the correct one. I wish that the people are in a strangle hold for words and can not freely speak their minds. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even in free countries such as England or even America there a pro-Hezbollah rallies. Clearly these protestors are not fearful of their safety. You tell me why this is so. Why are there pro-terrorist rallies? Do people see Hezbollah as a legitimate non-terror organization, or do they hate so much that they legitimize their evil methods.

Overall, I hope that the Islamic and Arab world can learn from their mistakes. I hope they can take resonsibility for their failures. I hope that Lebanon, Iran and Syrian can live in peace with Israel as do Egypt and Jordan. I hope that the people all over the world can give up their hatreds and renounce terror. Until that day comes, the only way to fight the backwards ideology that is islamic facism, is with force. No ceasefires and no prisoner swaps will appease their irrational hatred. Only overwhelming force coupled with overwhelming global condemnation will do the trick. Sadly, the world has neglected its responsiblities as well. Sadly, the only true solution is more death and more global terror. Only if the world really feels the burn will they ever properly condemn and punish those who harbor terror.


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