Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why does Iran want nuclear power?

How could one of the worlds largest oil exporters feel such a desperate need for nuclear fuel? Its like Alaska trying to build the worlds best snow making machine.

I don't think it takes a genius to infer that they want nuclear power for weapons to further their pursuit of world power. Perhaps to eventually "wipe Israel from the map".

Fortunately, the extremist-Arab societies are too stupid to pull off such a gag. They will inevitably falter in their own wrecklessness. Not only will Ahmadinejad's cocky rhetoric fail, but the Arab world will continue to live in poverty. Why will this be the case? Simply, because they would rather invest in destroying others than in improving themselves. Why did Islam sink from its golden age into the badly diseased perdominantly counterproductive religion that it is today? Simply, because good Muslims choose not to combat the bad ones.

Moderate Arab nations know that Iran is out of control, but even them are too pussy to do anything about it. Until they speak louder, the whole world will give any opponent of the Jews the benefit of the doubt, even if they are Muslim fascist terrorists / regimes.


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